Waqar Zafar Bakhtawari



                                    There should be no two opinions that the business and commercial class of any country is in fact the backbone of the economy of this country in today’s world. But also by taking advantage of mutual solidarity and business partnerships to run their business in the best and legal way to make progressive. Chambers of Commerce and Industry and trade associations are an effective means of communication between business and government.










By the grace of God Almighty, as the President of the Chakwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I pay tribute to the entire business community, and especially to our current members and members of the Executive Committee, whose tireless work and dedication to the Chakwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is constantly moving towards heights and development.

The Chakwal Chamber of Commerce has emerged in a very short span of time as a highly effective and useful institution for people from all walks of life locally and nationally. I will do my best to fulfill all my duties with utmost honesty.

۔ I look forward to the full cooperation and support of all our elected members, prominent social and important personalities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and the entire business community, and I believe that they will join us in this journey of progress and prosperity. And with their tireless business endeavors will not only strengthen the country economically and financially, but will also play an important role in raising the living standards of the common man.